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What started with the invention of the self-aligning bearing in 1907 has now evolved into something much more! Our products enable rotation. Machinery, cars, airplane engines, even household products - anywhere there are parts that rotate, our solutions can be found! As the world moves swiftly into an age of digitalization, so are we. With sensorised bearings, condition monitoring and connected factories - SKF offer exciting opportunities and challenges - whatever your area of expertise.

Applied Industrial Technologies is SKF Australia's largest bearing distributor with over 25 locations across the nation, as well as 8 locations in New Zealand. We have first-hand access to SKF's complete range of products and services including SKF Reliability Systems, Sealing Solutions, and SKF Customised Products.


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31889 SKF SDVD Brochure 2019_7A_LC(Final
SKF Quarry Kit Brochure
SKF Agri Solutions
SKF SDVD Housings
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PEER Overview
Focus Products
SKF Agriculture Chains
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Infrared Thermometer
MaPro Catalogue edition
SKF Food Line 
SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products
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SKF Power Lawn and Garden belts
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SKF Keyless Bushings
SKF Power Transmission Products
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SKF Couplings
SKF Power Transmission 
SKF Conveyor Chains 
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SKF Xtra Power Belts
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SKF Transmission Chains
SKF Belt Tension System
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SKF Grease Guns
SKF Battery Driver Grease Guns
SKF Repair costs
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SKF Food Line Ball Bearings
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2020 SKF Australasia Training Calendar