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Since 1878, Dodge has been discovering solutions that make industry operations easier. From the Independence Split Wood Pulley to Smart Sensors for mechanical products, their innovations have evolved to push entire industries forward.

Mounted Bearings

Fully Assembled Bearings, Ready for Industrial Use

Dodge bearings offer innovative designs, patented features, and consistent performance with a wide range of shaft attachment methods, rolling elements, housings, and seal choices.

Dodge Mounted Bearings


Manufactured by Dodge for Over 100 Years

The Dodge coupling product line can offer a solution to almost any need. Whether it’s for an elastomeric or metallic design, Dodge can provide a coupling with the potential to increase torque capacity, accommodate shaft misalignment, extend life, and put an end to unexpected downtime.

Dodge Couplings

Conveyor Components

A Worldwide Reputation for Reliability and Quality

Dodge offers a variety of pulley types, styles, and different options—from standard to large, highly engineered pulleys—in addition to complete pulley assembly packages made from the best components in the business.

Dodge Conveyor Components

Bushings, Hubs, & Collars

Designed to Do More with Your Dodge Equipment

Bushings, hubs, and collars are accessories for mechanical drive components. Bushings are linings for a round hole between two parts, which help regulate the transmission of energy. Hubs are useful for welding into fan rotors, impellers, agitators, etc., which require secure mounting to the shaft. Collars are used to accommodate components on power transmission application and are available in solid steel and solid iron.

Dodge Bushings, Hubs & Collars


Dodge Quarry Application

Quarry Application

Dodge Couplings


Dodge Pulley Stock Profile

Pulley Stock Profile

Dodge ABB Metric Torque-Arm II

Metric Torque-Arm II

Dodge Mounted Bearings & More

Mounted Bearings & More

Dodge Now Stocking at Applied Industrial Technologies

Now Stocking

Dodge Gear Reducers for Any Application

Hydra-Lock Desiccant Breathers 

Dodge Hydra-Lock Dessicant Breathers

Gear Reducers

Dodge Mounted Bearings Catalogue

Mounted Bearings

Dodge IP Bearings - Metric Shafts

IP Bearings - Metric Shafts

Dodge ABB Shaft Mount Gearboxes

Shaft Mount Gearboxes

Dodge ABB Elastometric Coupling Innovation Flyer

Dodge Raptor


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