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One Eye Industries Inc (OEI) designs and manufactures patented magnetic filtration solutions for all rotary equipment as well as to other applications such as filtering water.OEI employs a patented radial magnetic filter rod technology in the construction of its magnetic filtration systems which capture ferrous and non-ferrous material to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction.

Product of the month

Bear Trap Magnetic Filter Pads


Need a solution to trap the sludge that wears on system components and causes equipment failure? Our friends at One Eye Industries have you covered. The Bear Trap Magnetic Filter Pads attach to existing disposable spin-on filters to trap the contamination (sludge) that wears on system components and causes equipment failure.

Capturing the wear contamination under 4 microns will extend fluid life (extending fluid change-out intervals) and equipment life (extending maintenance intervals).

WF wet brake case study.PNG
WF Wet Brake Case Study
WF Volvo Penta Case Study.PNG
WF Volvo Penta Case Study
WF Diesel Case Study.PNG
WF Diesel Cleanliness Study
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