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LUBCON: As a global specialty lubricant manufacturer, LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH develops, produces and sells high-quality greases, oils, pastes and sprays for almost all industrial sectors and manufacturing branches.


The family company was founded with the brand name "LUBCON®" in 1980 and today has a dense distribution network with numerous subsidiaries and distributors. The high degree of specialization and the flexible development activity are, in addition to the first-class products, reasons for the steadily growing success and the establishment of the LUBCON brand in the global markets.

Lubcon Product Range

TURMOPAST TAS WT is an anti-seize product with a temperature range up to 1400°C. At 200°C the pasty lubrication passes to a dry lubrication.

TURMOSYNTHOIL PG 120 WG is a synthetical high temperature chain oil with white solid lubricants. Above 220°C the oil evaporates free from residues. A smooth film is formed with good lubricating properties up to 900°C.

TURMSILON K 350 is a heat stabilized silicone oil based on polymethylsiloxanes.

TURMSILON K 350 is NSF H1 registered as lubricant for which an incidental contact with food technically cannot be avoided.

TURMOPOLOIL 68 EP is a synthetic high performance oil especially for extreme mechanical and thermal requirements.

TURMOFLUID LMI 300/92 is a synthetic special oil with excellent penetrating and lubricating properties. An effectively combined formulation of base oil and additives provides optimum protection against wear and corrosion.


TURMOFLUID LMI 300 is NSF/H1 approved as lubricant for which an incidental contact with food technically cannot be avoided.

COMPGUARD FG 46 is a fully synthetic compressor oil for extended oil change intervals up to 4,000 hours in compressors by e. g. KAESER KOMPRESSOREN AG. The special oil of ISO VG-class 46 is InS/H1 classified and particularly suitable for high and low temperature applications.

TURMOGEAROIL 150 OM is a particularly pressure and ageing resistant gear oil of ISO VG grade 150 with a wear protecting additive package. The EP special oil offers high corrosion protection, high oxidation resistance and enables long oil change intervals.

THERMOPLEX ALN 1001/00 is a synthetic lubricant, based on polyalphaolefins (PAO) with excellent oxidation stability. The semi-fluid has very low friction coefficient and is perfectly suitable for the lubrication with central lubrication systems, due to its throughput properties.

TURMOSYNTHGREASE ALN 4602 - against corrosion and wear protecting polyurea-aluminium-special soap, suitable for the lubrication of plate tensioning, chains and curves as well as for the maintenance of grippers in the printing and coating unit. The grease has a high load carrying capacity, is particularly resistant towards cold and hot water influence and enables long maintenance intervals in any hardly accessible area.

GRIZZLYGREASE NO1 is outstandingly water, media and temperature-resistant, mineral oil based, lithium/calcium complex soap grease with extreme high load carrying capacity, particularly at low speeds and oscillating movements. The mechanically and chemically resistant grease for open gear lubrication absorbs vibrations, shock loads and features high wear and tribo-corrosion protection. It is very adhesive and adheres to metal surfaces even at high centrifugal forces.

TURMOPLEX ALN 4602 is a synthetic special grease for high specific loads in a wide operating temperature range.

TURMOCUT SR 15 is an inS/H1 approved lubricating oil based on high-purity hydrocarbons (close boiling protection). It is a combination of base oil and additives which can be used in the food processing industry. It has very good surface wetting properties, shows excellent lubrication characteristics, dissolves starch and thus keeps the knives clean and sharp and prolongs the life with less maintenance.

TURMOPAST NBI 2 weiss is a light-coloured lubrication and assembly paste containing a new type of solid lubricants against frictional and fretting corrosion.

TURMOPAST TAS LMI is a white, metal-free lubricating and assembly paste up to 1200 °C. At 200°C the pasty lubrication passes to a dry lubrication.


TURMOPAST TAS LMI is NSF/H1 approved as lubricant for which an incidental contact with food technically cannot be avoided.

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Lubcon Turmosynthoil_PG_120_WG
Lubcon GrizzlyGrease No1
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Lubcon Halal Certificate
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