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All over the world, the engineering community turns to Fenner Drives for value-adding, problem solving products for power transmission, motion transfer, conveying applications and 3D printing. Their quality-driven teams design, manufacture and distribute a broad range of sophisticated reliable components. 


Belt & Pulley Tools

The Eagle Butt Welding Kit is a fast, efficient way to join all Eagle Non-Reinforced and some Reinforced polyurethane belting. Unique, reliable, easy-to-use clamping tool ensures proper belt-end alignment. The Mini Butt Welding Kit is suitable for use with Eagle belting up to and including 8mm round and A section Vee, for use with Eagle Butt Welding Kit.

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Idler Pulleys

The PowerMax™ line of idler and drive pulleys and sprockets offer superior composite design for years of successful service. They are engineered for use as high-speed idlers on conveyors, packaging equipment, lawn and garden equipment, HVAC units, fitness equipment, floor cleaning machines and in many other power transmission and conveying applications.

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Constructed of wear resistant glass-reinforced nylon and insertion molded ABEC-1 high precision bearings. Lightweight, quiet, corrosion resistant and never need lubrication.


Keyless Locking Elements

Fenner Drives Keyless Locking Devices offer the following advantages:

  • A mechanical interference fit with a uniform pressure distribution similar to that achieved through a shrink or press fit.

  • A true zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection with none of the operational drawbacks of keyways or splines.

  • The ability to mount on plain shafting, which need not be over-sized to compensate for notch factors. This allows the use of smaller shafts and bearings for more cost effective designs.


Round Belting

Eagle Green 89 Non-Reinforced Textured Round Belting constructed of polyurethane with an 89 Shore A durometer that provides excellent abrasion resistance. A key feature of this belt is its textured surface, which lowers its surface coefficient of friction.

Tensioners and Components

When used in power transmission drives, all V-belts and roller chains will elongate significantly over time if not properly maintained. Incorrect belt or chain tension will lead to increased downtime, lower equipment productivity and inflated maintenance costs. To achieve optimum drive performance, correct drive belt or chain tension must be maintained. The solution? Fenner Drive's range of tensioners & other components.

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