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Castrol is the world leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases and related services to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across the world.

Castrol Launches New & Improved Product Catalogue!


2023 has been a year of evolution for Castrol - not just with our portfolio but with Castrol unveiling its refreshed brand identity Globally.


With these changes front of mind, Castrol is excited to announce the release of a new-and-improved Electronic Product Catalogue to make finding the right Castrol product easier than ever before.


Beyond showcasing the new Castrol look-and-feel - and the latest detail on Castrol's extensive lubricant and fluid range - the Q3 2023 edition of the Electronic Product Catalogue carries a range of enhancements over its predecessor including:


  • Master & Category-Specific Product Transition Tables

  • Castrol Tech Talk Features

  • Fully Interactive PDF (inc. Transition Tables) to simplify navigation

Castrol Product Guide Q1 2024.PNG

Extensive Engine Protection Guide

Castrol Manufacturing.PNG


Castrol Chain Oils.PNG

Chain Oils

Castrol Circulating Oils.PNG

Circulating Oils

Castrol Grease Brochure.PNG

Comprehensive Grease Brochure

Castrol Compressor Oils.PNG

Compressor Oils

Castrol Gear Oils.PNG

Gear Oils

Castrol Greases.PNG


Castrol Hydraulic Oils.PNG

Hydraulic Oils

Castrol Hysol.PNG


Castrol Hyspin Glow.PNG

Hyspin Glow

Castrol Industrial Lubricants.PNG

Industrial Lubricants

Castrol Industrial Wire Rope.PNG

Industrial Wire Rope

Castrol Lubricants for Printing Industry.PNG

Lubricants for Printing Industry

Castrol Neat Cutting and Grinding Oils.PNG

Neat Cutting and Grinding Oils

Castrol Optigear.PNG


Castrol Spheerol Side Grease.PNG

Spheerol Sy Grease

Castrol Syntilo.PNG


Castrol Wire Rope Lubricant.PNG

Wire Rope Lubricant

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