Electrodrive is an Australian manufacturer who have been designing and producing powered mobility equipment since 1987. With a smart range of pedestrian operated powered tugs and movers for industrial, commercial or healthcare industries, Electrodrive’s battery operated units have been designed ergonomically to keep the user safely in-front-of-the-load, while reducing the risk of collisions with pedestrians or obstacles. Suitable for a wide range of applications including towing trolleys, industrial equipment, light aircraft or heavy wheeled loads, a single user can move up to 20 tonnes while reducing the risk of injury caused by manually pushing or pulling heavy loads

Gzunda Linen Mover

Electrodrive’s battery operated Gzunda Linen Mover is ideal for towing trolleys up to 500 kg, and is suitable for use around hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities. Highly manoeuvrable, a single user can effortlessly tow trolleys in-and-out of lifts or through tight corridors with ease. Battery operated and rechargeable, the Gzunda Linen Mover’s middle tine is suitable for towing trolleys fitted with four swivel castors. Supplied with a clamping hitch, a wide variety of hitches are also available for easy attachment to trolleys.

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