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CorrosionX for Aviation

CorrosionX Aviation is specially formulated to displace moisture, stop corrosion instantly and provide long-lasting protection.

CorrosionX Aviation is Paraffin based and utilizes Polar Bonding which does far more than merely slow down the corrosion process. CorrosionX Aviation kills Rust and Corrosion, penetrates and lubricates.

NATO NSO number for 16 oz aerosol 8030-01-438-4093

Aviation approved by all major aircraft manufacturers. Military specified MIL-PRF-81309G TypeII

  • Can be applied even on wet and already corroded surfaces

  • Based on Polar Bonding technology, see specification

  • Dielectric strength typically testing to over 35.000 volt

  • Safe on electrics and electronics incl. PCB’s. See videos.

  • Can be welded over without causing “splattering”

  • Non flammable, super fast penetrant

  • Lubrication wear scar value 0,4 , which is 3 times better than standard engine oil

  • Outstanding Anti-Seize with “self healing” properties

  • Water proofing Electronics and Electrics, resistance is under 0,1 Ohm.

  • Safe on Rubber, Neopren, Glass, Plexiglass, all plastics, all paints, cabling and monofilament


Approved by the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries as C11 (same as Lanolin).

Does not go through skin

Contact your local Applied branch to find out more or to place an order. You can find your nearest location by clicking the button below.

Downloads & MSDS

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