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Rust Remover

Rust remover and metal conditioner.

Rust Remover is a breakthrough in the removal of unwanted rust. Eliminates rust from iron and steel without harmful fumes. Begins working immediately to transform rust into a gray/black iron phosphate, which interrupts the rusting process.

When the rust is gone, the chemical transformation has occurred, and the surface is prepared for a protective coating such as paint. It is compatible with many surfaces and will not harm most glass, hoses, decals, plastic, rubber or vinyl and paints. Effective for use on most painted surfaces for removal of surface rust.

CorrosionX Rust Remover is not to be used on non ferrous metals and blueing of any kind.

Do not use on firearms, as Rust Remover will remove gun bluing.

Contact your local Applied branch to find out more or to place an order. You can find your nearest location by clicking the button below.

Downloads & MSDS

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