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Navguard II

NavGuard Type 2 provides high-performance, long-lasting, corrosion protection, without requiring repeated applications. NavGuard Type 2 , unlike Type 1, does not contain mould inhibitors.  Ultra thin application. Extreme durability in any climate. Easy spray or brush-on application.

NavGuard was developed to provide the US Navy with a longer lasting corrosion prevention film on Navy aircraft metal surfaces, while at the same time inhibiting the growth of mildew on the CPC film.

The compounds used for NavGuard are environmentally benign and are cost-effective.

The effectiveness of Navguard and selected products from MIL-C-81309 and MIL-C-85054 specifications was performed at the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center and the CPC film was found to last longer than currently used CPC systems, which would translate to fewer CPC treatments on aircraft, reducing down time and maintenance costs and extending the life cycle of aircrafts.

Navguard was developed in accordance with MIL-PRF-81309 (Corrosion Preventive)

Navguard lasted three times longer than the 14-day neutral salt fog (ASTM B 117) requirements for aluminium panels. In side-by-side tests with other CPC products, Navguard products outperformed commercially available competitors by a factor of three on alloy and steel. This formulation is expected to perform equally well on other corrosion-sensitive surfaces. It has been tested successfully on alloy, magnesium, and ferrous alloy surfaces.

  • Foggable by using aerosolizing nozzle

  • Low VOC content and environmentally friendly composition

  • Compatible with metal and non-metal components

  • A water displacing agent

  • Extremely effective corrosion inhibitor for alloy, magnesium and steel alloy surfaces

  • Previously treated surfaces require no removal process

  • Durable coating that provides long-term protection on multiple metal surfaces

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